Why Us

Welcome to Prime Kosher Brands Inc the only place you need to be to ensure your products reach thousands of consumers. At Prime Kosher Brands  we have over a decade of experience in bringing delectables of all sorts to market. We set your brand apart and help maximize its potential using the resources and creativity we’ve developed over the years. We take full control of distribution and merchandise display, leaving you with more time to further develop your brand and expand production. 


Our Sales Team: 

Our team of professional sales reps have established relationships with product managers throughout the east coast who are eager to fill their shelves with quality products. Our goal is to focus solely on your brand and deliver it to market smoothly and efficiently.



Our professional merchandising team works directly with market managers to ensure your brand gets maximum visibly. We visit the market often to ensure that your products get the prime space it deserves and that shelves are continuously stocked with the full assortment of your products so the supply chain to customers’shopping carts is never interrupted.



Our robust distribution network handles everything related to distribution, warehousing and logistics. We store your products in our warehouse, arrange deliveries and coordinate logistics with our truckers. Our state-of-the-art warehousing system ensures smooth delivery and restocking; it’s efficiency at its finest.


Customer service:

Our office connects all the dots and is the main hub where the magic happens. All business begins and ends with customer service. Our office staff is always ready to assist you with courtesy and friendliness and answer any question you might have. Once our partnership begins we will treat your brand like our own.


We make reaching your intended market easy and hassle-free. Just drop us an email or give us a phone and we’ll put you on the path to jump-starting and increasing your sales. That’s our promise!


We look forward to serving you.



Tel. 718. 534.4333


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