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At Prime Kosher Brands Inc we have over ten years of experience in sourcing and bringing our customers the best kosher products to market. We believe that keeping your shelves filled with a variety of unique items should be a hassle-free experience. Providing you with products your customers crave  is our highest calling and a labor of love and commitment. That’s why we bring you only the yummiest, crunchiest, premium products—all through a team of professional regional sales reps who understand customer service and your need for efficiency and competence.

Our dedicated service reps stand ready to share with you their expertise in procurement, inventory control, shipping and receiving. Best of all, they will serve you with a smile—something all of us need every day.So sign up now for premium quality kosher products and be serviced by one of our uniquely trained professional sales reps who will make your market needs their top priority. 

How to join as a customer 

You can either order online, or drop us an email.  New wholesale customers will need to submit Company Information and Tax ID.

From this point forward, the responsibility becomes ours. We will contact you to set up an appointment with one of our sales reps who will then visit your market to ascertain your needs and work with your procurement team. They will also assist your display team in presenting the merchandise attractively.


We look forward to serving you!



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